JNBY – Melbourne Central


Project Overview

Client: JNBY

Location: Melbourne Central, Melbourne CBD

Area: 110m2

Case Study

Subtle elegance is the essence of international fashion brand, JNBY; an acronym for Just Naturally Be Yourself. It’s easy to see that the brand’s retail designers worked closely with their marketing team on the retail design of their first Australian store in Melbourne Central. The restrained sophistication of their Melbourne retail fitout was evident in their choice of materials, concealment, finishes … and shopfitters!

Although an existing tenancy within the shopping complex, the 110m2 narrow store was a bare shell upon initial site inspection and handover. A bare tenancy allows ease of site evaluation to foresee any potential issues with common problem areas such as flooring and lease lines. Thus, preventing any surprises, resulting in unwanted, and sometimes costly, variations.



Once the six metre shopfront bulkhead and columns were constructed, installed and coated with stipple finish render, the internal plastering commenced. Plastering of a clothing retail store fitout consists of all internal tenancy walls, change rooms and back of house walls. From there, CAT 1 works were undertaken (learn more about CAT1 works here), followed by the electrical rough in. Next walls are built and installed. JNBY Melbourne Central applied a spectacular Venetian plaster on their tenancy walls.

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Williams – Caroline Springs


Project Overview

Client: Williams

Location: CS Square Shopping Centre, Caroline Springs VIC

Area: 125m2


Case Study

Constructing a retail shop fit out for National footwear retailer, Williams, was a – comfortable – walk in the park. Despite the redesign required only days prior to project commencement, consultation between the client and our shopfitters saw an improved use of dead space. An additional four display bays were constructed, and installed in the lucrative area of the shopfront display. Now capturing attention from the growing mall traffic in the newly constructed wing of CS Square Shopping centre.

The shop front entails the footwear brand’s colours with vibrant red dibond cladding to the shop front columns and bulkhead and bright blue painted internal walls. The colour palette on the remainder of the fascia is more subtle. A spectacular heritage vinyl graphic engages shoppers, running the length of the sloped tenancy line. Framed with wood plastic Biowood cladding, the neutral colouring is designed to make the brand colours pop. Sustainable Biowood wall panelling is a low maintenance alternative to timber. Thus making an ideal finish in a stylish, eco-friendly retail shop fit out.


The project signage contractors undertook a new concept for Williams in the Caroline Springs fit out. Previously printing directly to MDF, MSC Signs applied vinyl graphic signage to the painted internal tenancy walls. The primary shop front signage features rear illuminated push through letters on a white composite panel above the shop front opening. Whereas the return side signage comprises of direct stick lettering and backing vinyl running the length of the shop front glass enclosed by Biowood cladding.

A large amount of joinery was fabricated by our shopfitters for the retail shop fit out, in addition to the shop front. AAFS Shopfitting manufactured and installed numerous wall displays, including a large amount of adjustable shelving. The custom display shelves contained concealed LED strip lighting on the underside to provide optimal product illumination, with no cables visible to shoppers.

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St Kilda Eyecare

Project Overview

Client: St Kilda Eyecare

Location: Acland Street, St Kilda VIC

Area: 140m2

Case Study

Being a local Melbourne fit out, getting all the shop fittings, fixtures and custom joinery from factory to site was a breeze with St Kilda Eyecare. The inner city optom boasts over 15 metres worth of laminate and 2pac wall joinery. Being local made things a lot easier for our team of Melbourne shopfitting specialists.

Senior graphic designer of Australia’s largest network of optometrists, Bronwyn Oster, created a stunning, eye catching mural graphic which sets the mood for this funky Melbourne fit out.

Positioned behind the counter, the statement wall graphic encapsulates all that is St Kilda. Exuding an air of uplifting self-assurance to those wandering the store.


The diverse range of trendy eyewear and accessories ‘pop’ against the colour palette, bronzed antique mirrors and neutral background colour. This is thanks to the sophisticated design of experienced local optometry retail designers, TwoDesign.

Our Melbourne fit out specialists love optometry projects. They demand quality expectation with sharp lines aligning with joinery, and the detail required in the paint work. AAFS Shopfitting have completed numerous optometry projects across Australia, including the award winning fit out of ProVision Optometry Clayton.

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Thio Eyecare


Case Study

Client: Thio Eyecare

Location: Burnside, Melbourne, VIC

Area: 124m2


Project Overview

Thio Eyecare is a generous size optometry practice located in the Melbourne Northern suburb of Burnside (between Deer Park and Caroline Springs) in local shopping complex, Burnside Hub. Similar to that of a strip shop, Thio Eyecare is positioned on the exterior of the shopping precinct. Prime real estate for business owners with the visual exposure to shoppers, and advantageous for shopfitters and building contractors with the ease of accessibility for deliveries and the like.

Handover of the project to our team of commercial renovation specialists consisted of a bare 124sq metre tenancy, with only the tenancy walls and roof above existing. A blank tenancy is optimal for shopfitting companies as then we know what we’re up against and there are no nasty surprises delaying the fit out. Finding hidden and unforeseen problems in tenancies, such as plumbing or electrical work in walls, will often demand additional time to decommission and may result in a costly variation. An undesirable outcome for all involved.

The four week optometry build comprised of one large consulting/examination room, an oculus rift VR room along with a significant retail space. All joinery was manufactured in house and installed by our experienced shopfitters, consisting of a beautiful timber look laminate counter complemented with a 32mm thick white laminate bench top, wall joinery frame displays and lockable frame display on the blue feature wall, highlighting the store’s designer frames. 

LPA Lighting provided a stylish and efficient lighting solution for the fit out, with black suspended track lighting in the retail space and LED strip lighting routed and concealed within the frame display joinery for a seamless finish.

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Degani Cafe – Plenty Valley

Project Overview

Client: Degani Café

Location: Westfield Plenty Valley – Mill Park, Melbourne, Victoria

Area: 150m2

Case Study

Our Melbourne café shop fitters had to complete the site measure and construct all of the joinery prior to scheduled site access, due to a short 10 day time frame on site.
Diverging from many of their other café fitouts, Degani gave the Plenty Valley café a somewhat industrial feel, with a number of metal shop fitting components, internal oak and ply timber finishes and textured internal render surfaces. However the abundance of greenery throughout the cafe fitout complements the industrial feel and balances it out to create a relaxed atmosphere. The indoor artificial garden design of the café produces an earthy, organic vibe, which continues to be an extremely popular trend in café design Melbourne.
New booth seating was created, which involved revamping some existing components and fabricating new elements to modernise the upholstery in order to remain on trend in the ever changing world of Melbourne café fitouts. To reduce shop fit out costs, the counter tops were repurposed to look new again, a fresh coat of paint was applied to the internal walls, timber feature panelling constructed then erected and a luscious vertical garden wall installed. Collectively producing a warm and calming atmosphere for patrons to settle in and hide away from the commotion and chaos of the shopping complex and Melbourne’s indecisive weather.
The stacked firewood timber feature wall running along the length of the woodfire pizza oven and pizza preparation area is a prominent feature within the café fitout, and has proven to be rather enticing to try one of Degani’s delectable woodfire pizzas.

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Conveyor (Globe Brand)

Project Overview

Client: Conveyor (Globe Brand)

Location: DFO South Wharf, Melbourne VIC

Area: 100m2

Case Overview

Utilising the original store design Melbourne retail store builders, AAFS Shopfitting, and the team at Globe Brand Australia were constantly adjusting the shop fittings throughout the store build to vary the look and feel of their Melbourne Conveyor store. They worked in partnership to remain in line with the Globe brand, suit the DFO location and reach their urban Melbournian target market.

Transforming the shopfront from good to great, the multi award winning shopfitters made the majority of changes to the shopfront design in order to meet the client’s needs. To give the Melbourne retailer some ‘pop’ the shopfront signage was transformed from non illuminated acrylic, to 3D illuminated resin filled lettering. For a more edgy, street touch, what was to be plain black 2pac panelling, became a dimpled charcoal brick tile finish. The left side of the shopfront was completely changed from an original black panel (to match the right side of the store) to a large return panel glass, which opened up the retail store entirely and provided prospecitve customers much greater viewing of the merchandise within the store.

The shopfront design also boasts two LED illuminated peel face graphics, one on each side of the store’s entrance. These allow ease of accessability for quick and frequent graphic changes – a must have in today’s retail world, yet are more cost effective in the orinigial start up cost than a LED screen.

Being a fashion, footwear and skateboard retail store, Conveyor’s internal fitout largely consists of display shelving to allow for endless retail merchandising possibilities. At AAFS, our shopfitters build with Shop for Shop’s maxi-slot retail store fittings, as they are exceptionally durable and versatile – allowing for retailers ease in modifying to maintain on top of visual merchandising trends.

The rear credenza behind the shop counter was manufactured by our experienced shopfitters. The 3200mm length storage cupboard was built from ply to match in the Melbourne retailer’s urban theme and colour palette. Remaining on the urban retail store design, the face of the metal kicker underneath the credenza was powder coated black to tie in with the matt black dibond on the shop front.

With Melbourne South Wharf being a direct factory outlet and having no tenancy ceiling, lighting options were limited. AAFS Shopfitting prefer to use track lighting over highbay lights in this situation, as they are directional, allowing lighting to be refocused when visual merchandising, and are also less expensive. The track lighting also reflects extremely well off the store’s stunning polished concrete floor.

Melbourne Shopfitters Build Cafe Fit Out

Toscani’s Cafe, Bar & Restaurant – Melbourne

Project Overview

Client: Toscani’s Café, Bar & Restaurant
Location: St Kilda, Melbourne Victoria
Area: 80m2

Case Overview

Toscani’s Café, Bar and Restaurant is nestled in the heart of the funky and thriving restaurant strip that is Acland Street, St Kilda (only a short drive out of Melbourne CBD). Our experienced team of shopfitters opened up the restaurant entrance by removing a glass panel situated immediately upon walking in. With this removed, the café became more visually appealing, as well as providing the physical benefits of space and accessibility for patrons when entering the café.

The venue endured a dramatic transformation, with their fitout changing from dark and drab to light and fab. The gloomy dark wood and stone counter and dull brown vinyl seats were replaced with bright, freshly painted or tiled white walls, white Corian solid surface counter top, surrounded by beautiful solid Victoria Ash tables, custom made by our skilled team at AAFS Shopfitting. The floor was restored in the restaurant’s main dining area. By re-sanding and repolishing the existing timber floorboards, they came up looking brand new and the owner of Toscani’s Café, Bar and Restaurant saved a heap of money in shopfitting expenses.

A new lighting scheme throughout the café incorporated a combination of dimmable and non-dimmable eco-friendly LED lights, acknowledging the need for a darker, moodier ambience for evening diners whilst necessitating workable lighting for café staff, particularly in and around the restaurant’s bar, counter and kitchen areas.

Additional seating was allowed for in the new fitout layout, therefore permitting increased patronage and profits – music to the ears of every business owner. A large mirror was placed on one wall to enhance the appearance of size (no guys, this won’t work for you!) and draw attention to the trendy white subway tiles on the opposing wall of the café. The subway tiles that lined the café wall were laid on a 45° angle, adding a bit of spunk and dimension to preserve the vibe of St Kilda and its café patrons.

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AAFS Shopfitting built and installed the interior in May 2016

Hastings Optical

Project Overview

Client: Hastings Optical
Location: Hastings, Mornington Peninsula VIC
Area: 100m2

Case Overview

The earthy tones used in the strip shop’s interior was designed to resonate with the surroundings of the small country town, on the outskirts of Mornington Peninsula. Rustic Oak timber panels, with a hint of white wash to emphasize the grain texture, are prominent through the fit out, lining both floor and ceiling of the trendy optometry store.

Adding warmth to the high traffic areas, the Mornington Peninsula shopfitters covered the remainder of the 100m2 floor with carpet tile floor covering. Designed to add character, the Ontera carpet tiles were laid in a quarter turn pattern, breaking up the straight lines of the timber planks. Their darker shade ties in perfectly with the remainder of the build, complementing the charcoal laminate joinery featured within the stylish interior.

A strip shop built to impress on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula
Optometrist Consultancy Room in new interior design at Hastings Optical

Hastings Optical were able to increase the amount of stock on display whilst enhancing the visual aesthetics of their exclusive eyewear collection, through the thoughtful layout of the experienced retail designers. Product placement is neatly and spaciously presented within the shop fit out, with lighting designed to illuminate the merchandise and subtly lead customers on a path of discovery into the heart of the shop. The optometry store design strategically used dark shades with the triple pendant lights above the optometrist’s workshop to assist in driving the customer journey into the depth of the interior. The light colours and calming rounded edge of the single About Space pendants overhanging the reception desks are appealing and approachable to consumers.

The optometrist consultancy rooms at the rear of the retailer were built with a minimalist, uncluttered design to allow space for their specialist optom equipment and ensure clients remain focused on their appointment, without distraction.

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Digital signage technology used in shopfront window display

Just Cuts™ Eastland

Project Overview

Client: Just Cuts™

Location: Eastland Shopping Centre, Ringwood VIC

Area: 110m2

Case Overview

Just Cuts™ hair salon fit out renovation: Just Cuts™ is located in the existing North Side of Eastland Shopping Centre. The hair salon franchise chose to do a complete tenancy flip in their salon redevelopment design to optimise space.

The reversed salon design included a change in store entrance. A custom 4.8m high shopfront was constructed out of DIBOND® aluminium composite panelling. The composite material is a popular commercial signage application used by many of Australia’s leading shop fitters. This is mostly due to its durability and capacity to create tight, neat curves whilst presenting a flawless 2pac appearance.

Unlike other Just Cuts™ salons we’ve built, the Eastland hair salon fit out renovation comprised of building a unique privacy fin. The privacy screen was installed at the wash basins for added client comfort. These floor-to-ceiling 25mm toughened glass panels weigh approximately 360kgs and have a digitally printed privacy film adhered to provide concealment for consumers whilst laying at the shampoo sinks.

Whether you’re after a fit out company to build a national salon rollout, or renovate a one off hair salon interior fitout, our experienced salon shop fitters can get the job done.

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Quality interior shop fit out of Just Cuts™ hair salon including vinyl plank flooring
Interior fit out completed by expert team of Melbourne shopfitters

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Retail design and shop fit out in Melbourne's East

Polka Dot Gifts & Accessories

Project Overview

Client: Polka Dot Gifts and Accessories

Location: Eastland Shopping Centre, Ringwood Melbourne VIC

Area: 120m2

Case Overview

Collaborating with RPtecture and QIC in redesigning the Melbourne retail shop fit out, a range of varied angles were created and constructed by our team of Melbourne shopfitters. These were a prominent feature of the elaborate shopfront, together with its striking brass detailing. The sizeable shopfront was also remarkable due to its glass panelling, requiring structural engineering in order to suspend one panel off another.

To meet client budget and requirements, the internal fit out consists of low cost slat wall panels with timber look laminate shelving. Slat walls are ideal for the gift store’s constant product change, allowing ease of height alterations and shelf removal, whilst remaining appealing to the consumer eye. The timber look element to the shelving generates a clean, modern look whilst creating a beautiful contrast to their diverse range of merchandise.

Retail Design Tip

Angles are used to enhance visual interest, engage customers, and improve traffic flow.

Retail design and shop fit out in Melbourne's East

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