Kiosk Fitout Projects

The key to successful kiosk fitouts is engaging the right shopfitters. Ultimately, the best shopfitters for fitting out a kiosk are those who are friendly, clean-cut, highly skilled in shopfitting, and have their own shopfitting factory. Why? Kiosks are different to your typical retail store fitout and hospitality fitout.

Kiosks fitouts are built in open mall spaces, with low height hoarding the general public can see over. Although shopfitters aren’t a part of your business, they do represent your brand whilst the kiosk is being built. Therefore, how do you want your shopfitters to look? How do you want them to speak to one another, or to the public if a passer-by was to ask them a question?

Working in front of the public also requires confident builders, who are not intimated with people watching them work. Competent builders who can work within small spatial constraints. You need shopfitters skilled in using manual tools, whilst power tools are restricted during trading hours.

To eliminate build issues on site, AAFS Shopfitting construct the kiosk within the factory to ensure everything is as it should be, before disassembling for delivery. So if you want shopfitters who handover projects on time, on budget and with minimal to no defects, contact our Melbourne shopfitters on 03 5943 0581 or send your kiosk fitout design to

View some of the kiosk fitouts AAFS Shopfitting have built by clicking on an image below.

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