Project Overview

Client: Degani Café

Location: Westfield Plenty Valley – Mill Park, Melbourne, Victoria

Area: 150m2

Case Study

Our Melbourne café shop fitters had to complete the site measure and construct all of the joinery prior to scheduled site access, due to a short 10 day time frame on site.
Diverging from many of their other café fitouts, Degani gave the Plenty Valley café a somewhat industrial feel, with a number of metal shop fitting components, internal oak and ply timber finishes and textured internal render surfaces. However the abundance of greenery throughout the cafe fitout complements the industrial feel and balances it out to create a relaxed atmosphere. The indoor artificial garden design of the café produces an earthy, organic vibe, which continues to be an extremely popular trend in café design Melbourne.
New booth seating was created, which involved revamping some existing components and fabricating new elements to modernise the upholstery in order to remain on trend in the ever changing world of Melbourne café fitouts. To reduce shop fit out costs, the counter tops were repurposed to look new again, a fresh coat of paint was applied to the internal walls, timber feature panelling constructed then erected and a luscious vertical garden wall installed. Collectively producing a warm and calming atmosphere for patrons to settle in and hide away from the commotion and chaos of the shopping complex and Melbourne’s indecisive weather.
The stacked firewood timber feature wall running along the length of the woodfire pizza oven and pizza preparation area is a prominent feature within the café fitout, and has proven to be rather enticing to try one of Degani’s delectable woodfire pizzas.

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