Conveyor (Globe Brand)

Project Overview

Client: Conveyor (Globe Brand)

Location: DFO South Wharf, Melbourne VIC

Area: 100m2

Case Overview

Utilising the original store design Melbourne retail store builders, AAFS Shopfitting, and the team at Globe Brand Australia were constantly adjusting the shop fittings throughout the store build to vary the look and feel of their Melbourne Conveyor store. They worked in partnership to remain in line with the Globe brand, suit the DFO location and reach their urban Melbournian target market.

Transforming the shopfront from good to great, the multi award winning shopfitters made the majority of changes to the shopfront design in order to meet the client’s needs. To give the Melbourne retailer some ‘pop’ the shopfront signage was transformed from non illuminated acrylic, to 3D illuminated resin filled lettering. For a more edgy, street touch, what was to be plain black 2pac panelling, became a dimpled charcoal brick tile finish. The left side of the shopfront was completely changed from an original black panel (to match the right side of the store) to a large return panel glass, which opened up the retail store entirely and provided prospecitve customers much greater viewing of the merchandise within the store.

The shopfront design also boasts two LED illuminated peel face graphics, one on each side of the store’s entrance. These allow ease of accessability for quick and frequent graphic changes – a must have in today’s retail world, yet are more cost effective in the orinigial start up cost than a LED screen.

Being a fashion, footwear and skateboard retail store, Conveyor’s internal fitout largely consists of display shelving to allow for endless retail merchandising possibilities. At AAFS, our shopfitters build with Shop for Shop’s maxi-slot retail store fittings, as they are exceptionally durable and versatile – allowing for retailers ease in modifying to maintain on top of visual merchandising trends.

The rear credenza behind the shop counter was manufactured by our experienced shopfitters. The 3200mm length storage cupboard was built from ply to match in the Melbourne retailer’s urban theme and colour palette. Remaining on the urban retail store design, the face of the metal kicker underneath the credenza was powder coated black to tie in with the matt black dibond on the shop front.

With Melbourne South Wharf being a direct factory outlet and having no tenancy ceiling, lighting options were limited. AAFS Shopfitting prefer to use track lighting over highbay lights in this situation, as they are directional, allowing lighting to be refocused when visual merchandising, and are also less expensive. The track lighting also reflects extremely well off the store’s stunning polished concrete floor.