Kiosk Shop Fitters: Why Only The Best Will Do

Kiosk shop fitters are provided with better lighting than most tenancies. This is thanks to bright mall lighting and generous skylights found in numerous Australian shopping centres. But whilst the lighting is optimal, mall kiosk builders have their own set of unique challenges. Here is a list of challenges kiosk shop fitters face when building custom mall kiosks, and why we recommend choosing a shopfitting company experienced in kiosk fit outs.

Kiosk Build Spatial Constraints

In Australia, shopping centres require 1200mm high hoarding to surround kiosk tenancies to protect the public from the building site. These space limitations make for a rather difficult shop fit out. Generally only leaving 300mm – 1 metre of working space is available between the joinery and protective barrier, known as shop hoarding.


Noise Restrictions During Trading Hours

Any shopfitting company will tell you how difficult it can be keeping building noise to a minimum to avoid complaints in shopping centres. This challenge becomes extremely problematic when fitting out a kiosk, where zero building noise is allowed during trading hours. Noisy building works, such as using a saw, grinder or nail guns must be undertaken in the limited hours available between centre opening hours and tenancy trading hours.

Under the Watchful Eye of Australian Consumers

The process of fitting out a kiosk requires being constantly watched and scrutinised by centre staff and the general public. With this being the case, kiosk shop fitters should be personable, well presented and highly skilled at site installation. This includes being able to work under pressure without voices being raised and avoiding the use of profanities.

Melbourne Kiosk Shop Fitters

AAFS Shopfitting are custom kiosk manufacturers who thrive on the challenge of fitting out modern kiosk designs. Manufacturing our own joinery provides the opportunity to set up the kiosk within the factory. Pre-construction eliminates risks when installing on site.

Our expert team of shop fitters are pleasant and well presented. We are highly skilled in the shop fitting trade and experienced mall kiosk builders. So if you’re looking for a local Melbourne shopfitting company for a small kiosk, contact one of Australia’s leading shopfitting companies, AAFS Shopfitting, on 03 5943 0581


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Experienced Kiosk Shop Fitters

Building retail kiosks requires friendly, hard working shop fitters with great attention to detail. The highly skilled team of professionals at AAFS Shopfitting are experienced in Melbourne retail and cafe kiosk fit outs.