Retail Shop Defits and Strip Outs

At lease end, when vacating a commercial property, the tenant is required to remove all fixtures and fittings and return the tenancy back to its original state (generally back to a bare shell). The process of demolishing a retail store is referred to as a defit, a stripout or to make-good. 

The following responsibilities are often included in the shop defit process;

  • Floor removal
  • Removal and recycling/restoring of store fixtures and fittings
  • Removal and dumping of store fixtures and fittings
  • Deconstruction of shopfronts
  • Glass removal
  • Demolition and removal of internal walls
  • Removal of air diffusers, including the flexi/rigid ducting back to main air duct
  • Disconnect all plumbing appliances, fittings and fixtures back to base build services

AAFS Shopfitting are licenced to complete commercial strip outs Australia wide. Along with our builders licence, our public liability and workers compensation insurance allow us to safely undertake light demolition works in a commercial capacity. The specialised construction tools, machinery and vehicles we utilise permit us to complete the defit works in a timely and efficient manner, whilst maintaining a clean and safe site at all times.

Contact AAFS Shopfitting to arrange your shop defit on 0410 653 027.