Project Overview

Client: Lee

Location: Chapel Street, South Yarra VIC

Area: 140m2

Case Overview

The interior fitout of Lee incorporated robust ply panelling to inject warmth to the Chapel Street store, in line with the nature of their signature product. Ensuring the fit out was as durable as their denim, Lee wanted to create a rustic vibe.

However to emphasize their merchandise, the client wanted to make the walls of the interior fitout brighter. This was achieved by constructing white backing panels to the tenancy walls, with black concealed stripping.

New lighting within the retail fitout also strengthened the sharp appearance of the strip shop, by illuminating specific zones to lure consumers. LED strip lighting is great for drawing attention to feature areas (as built within the shelving displays of Williams Shoes) and was utilised within the Melbourne retail fitout to highlight innovative floor and ceiling shopfitting fixtures. Thus bringing a contemporary touch to the space by producing a soft glow on the denim draped over the central feature piece. 

A combination of new and refurbished joinery was used in the shop build for reasons of economics and sustainability. Our shopfitters believe this aided in the earthy feel of the store and certainly contributed to the ability to undertake the renovation project.

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